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What is Linn Leadership?

I want to be your Virtual Thought Partner.  Linn Leadership brings you the opportunity to tap into my experience working with thousands of leaders from CEOs to front line managers in organizations from the Fortune 50 to entrepreneurial start-ups. 

I created Linn Leadership to respond to a need I saw that all leaders had that was not being met in the leadership development market place - the need for fully customized leadership development at the individual leader level. 

I solved this need for fully customized leadership development for my corporate clients with my Intrinsic Leadership Development process.

But, the problem was that unless you were fortunate enough to be a leader inside of one of my corporate clients all you had available to you was a dizzying array of static, canned approaches to try to help yourself improve as a leader. 

I’ve worked with leaders since the early 1990’s.  What has been clear to me throughout that time is that what is missing in nearly all the approaches to leadership development are two things; breadth of perspective and context.

Breadth of perspective is missing because nearly all of the leadership development processes available in the market are based on some consulting company’s research or some expert’s opinion.  And what is inherent in both of those approaches is this premise; “We have THE answer to leadership!” 

They want to sell their answer to as many organizations and people as possible.  I understand the lure to do things that way.  People tend to want easy answers. And if someone tells you that they have THE answer to one of the most difficult questions in organizational life; how to lead effectively, you may just follow along. 

But you won’t get anywhere.  A McKinsey research study indicates that 93% of CEOs are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their organization's leadership development efforts.  The common approaches to leadership development are flawed and minimally effective.  They are intellectual engaging.  Oftentimes entertaining.  But, they are narrow; i.e., one set of opinions and devoid of context to the place that the individual leader is working within. 

Through Linn Leadership you can access a vast array of perspectives on leadership from contemporary thinking to ancient wisdom.  From my experiences with CEOs at some of the largest companies in the world to highly entrepreneurial founders of start up companies. 

As your Virtual Thought Partner I want to share everything I’ve experienced and help you establish your own personal approach to leadership that fits both who you are and where you are. 

Take a look at all that Linn Leadership has to offer you.  I look forward to evolving the art of leadership together.



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