It's Not About You: 6 Secrets to Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom of Your Team


It's Not About You: 6 Secrets to Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom of Your Team

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6 Leadership Secrets to Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom of Your Team


One of the best CEOs I ever worked with told me this once; “The higher up you go, the less you know what is really going on in your organization.”  It stopped me in my tracks.  I bet it did the same to you, too. 

The all too common leadership mistake is to presume that because of your position that you know things.  Every step up the ladder is a step further away from the actual day-to-day work of the organization.  Leaders MUST stay connected to it. 

But, you can’t effectively stay connected in person.  The higher up you are the less possible it is to stay personally connected to all that you are ultimately responsible for leading.  You must stay connected to the people THROUGH the people. 

Meaning that you must master the art of tapping into the wisdom and experience of people around you to provide you with the pulse of your organization. 

That is what this book is about – tapping into the wisdom of your organization through collaboration. 

Use this book to pull from my experience working with thousands of leaders since the early 1990s. I’ve worked with everyone from CEOs to front line managers in organizations from entrepreneurial start-ups to the Fortune 50. 

I’ve helped each client build highly customized approaches to leadership based on their unique needs.   My approach is different than most leadership development processes because I don’t tell my clients what they need to do to grow their leaders.  I dig deep with them in live-fire situations to help them cultivate the leadership model that fits their distinctive culture and circumstances.  There’s that theme again…collaboration!

That said, when I look at the work I’ve done with a broad range of people and organizations over the past couple of decades, there are some commonalities that pop up with every client.  In this book I share with you the 6 powerful leadership secrets to tapping into the collective wisdom of the people in the organization that have been vital to the success of every one of those clients.   

Dive in and learn to lead more powerfully than ever before through the multi-faceted art of collaboration. 


To your best leadership,

Rob Linn


Want to know more about me?  Here are some things my clients have said about me:


Utilizing Inside Out Solutions’ Leadership Development process has been transforming to our organization. We’ve identified key principles that help us perform as a high-functioning team, and we use those principles to annually reflect on our strengths and areas in need of development so that we effect sustainable improvement—both individually and as a leadership group. Most importantly, we now have a heightened awareness of how prioritization and capacity management can help us successfully achieve our strategic initiatives on time and on budget.
— Peggy Chulack, Chief Administrative Officer at PIH Health
It seems to me that every senior exec team needs to be challenged and pushed by outside thinking from time to time. It takes trusted outside mentors to accomplish this if one really wants to succeed and move to a higher level. Individual/personal performance feedback and critique among the team is a good example.

Nothing can be more helpful than anonymous, detailed feedback from one exec team member to another...including the CEO. When this information is connected to positive and improved change in individual performance AND that is connected to a well thought out bonus program....Look out...amazing positive results and improvement happen.

Rob Linn is the best counselor I’ve ever known. He knows how to accomplish this 360 degree review process seamlessly.
— Roger Drue, Chief Executive Officer (retired) Hawaii Pacific Health Honolulu, HI
Inside Out Solutions provides a great role in assisting in perspective building, strategic planning, capacity management and leadership development.

What makes their processes unique, is that they have an excellent approach to confronting issues in a way that is not threatening to help organizations cut through issues in an expeditious fashion. From my perspective Inside Out Solutions is also unique in its discipline to see initiatives and efforts through even to the point where they are driving the effort more than the client at times. This shows their dedication to their client and the client’s cause.
— Todd Salnas, President of St. Joseph Health in Sonoma County
Inside Out Solutions offered us an extremely practical and
effective process for solving business problems and strategic plan development. They helped us gain a better understanding of the perspectives of stakeholders and got them involved to insure total “buy-in” and ownership of the product. The consultants demonstrated their true expertise in finding business solutions tailored to our organization’s needs.
— Dennis Lee, CEO (retired) Methodist Hospital of Southern California
Inside Out Solutions helped our newly merged organization (Hawaii Pacific Health) develop principles of Leadership and a model for the development of leaders using the Unique Success Profile analysis. Years later our organization continues to use the leadership principles and we have integrated them into every aspect of leadership across our system.
— Gail Lerch, Senior Vice President Hawaii Pacific Health, Honolulu, HI
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